At Universal Hearing Care in Tarzana, California, your treatment is very important to us. Properly identifying the cause of your hearing loss is the first step to the development of your treatment plan.

Your hearing loss can fall into three different classifications: conductive, sensorineural, and mixed.

Conductive Hearing Loss

The result of structural damage or abnormalities in your external or middle ear. There are many causes of conductive hearing loss, including:

• Ear infection
• Allergies
• Poor Eustachian tube function
• Benign tumors
• Impacted earwax or presence of a foreign body
• Perforated eardrum
• Malformation of outer or middle ear or ear canal

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Stems from the inner ear and/or neural dysfunction. Some causes of acquired sensorineural hearing loss are:

• Noise exposure
• Viral Infection
• Tumors
• Trauma
• Medications
• Disease

Mixed Hearing Loss

A combination of both conductive and sensorineural factors.

The severity hearing loss refers to the extent of your impairment. The range for normal hearing is 0-25 decibels. Anything over that is classified as hearing loss.

Common signs of hearing loss are:

  • Difficulty hearing soft or distant speech or in background noise.
  • Difficulty hearing normal conversational speech. You may require higher volumes on televisions and radios.
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy environments
  • Difficulty with the clarity of speech.

During your visit to Universal Hearing Care in Tarzana, California, one of our professionals will perform a complete hearing evaluation to diagnose the type and severity of your hearing loss.

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