Are you planning a visit to Universal Hearing Care for a comprehensive hearing evaluation and wondering what to expect? Not to worry! You're in good hands when you visit our office.

Our office is located in Tarzana, California, but we're conveniently located near Ventura Boulevard and see patients from Burbank, Glendale, Valencia and the San Fernando Valley.

When you arrive on the day of your hearing test, our staff will introduce you to your audiologist – Lisa or Judy – who will sit down and talk with you about any hearing issues or loss you may be experiencing. They'll also ask about any events in your past that could have affected your hearing.

After the audiologist has gotten to know you and your unique hearing issues a little better, you'll be escorted to a soundproof room for the hearing test. During the evaluation, a series of sounds will be played at different frequencies to determine what pitch and range you have difficulty hearing. There's also a speech discrimination test, which assesses how well you can identify different words. These tests are painless and if you have any questions, you can always ask Lisa or Judy.

Once the hearing test is over, the audiologist will go over the results with you. If further care is needed, they'll discuss the options with you, which could include being referred to an ENT. If it's determined you need a hearing aid, we can perform a hearing aid evaluation to determine what kind of hearing aid will fit your lifestyle and your budget, so you don't have to stress about making the decision on your own!

We look forward to seeing you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office, located in Tarzana, California.