"Last month I received the Widex Dream. The difference from my old hearing aids is astounding. I cannot thank Lisa and her staff enough for providing me with such wonderful care for all these years'. SB

"I have had a very rewarding experience getting my first ever hearing aids. My family is also extremely happy I can hear. Thank you Lisa and Pamela for making this such a great experience!"  AN

"For the first time ever- I can hear everyone in my book group".  WF

"I thought I would let you know that I was able to enjoy the meeting I went to so much more than with the old hearing aids.
I was able to hear everything the president and people giving reports said. Made me feel like a participant again". JK

My wife was totally exasperated with having to repeat everything she said to me all of the time...and I had hearing aids for the last seven years. Without hearing aids I am practically stone deaf. When the old hearing aids finally died, I went to Universal Hearing Care since they are close to my home in Tarzana. My experience exceeded anything I could have imagined. I am 83 years young and my hearing with these new hearing aids has me ecstatic...I could not be happier...and neither could my wife. Thank you Lisa Goldstein, you gave me a new lease on life!!!