Reduce, reuse, recharge

Why should you consider using rechargeable hearing aid batteries? They are growing in popularity – and for good reason. Or reasons, we should say.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries last longer, are more dependable and are better for the environment than their disposable counterparts, for starters. Universal Hearing in Tarzana, California is pleased to offer rechargeable hearing aids and batteries to our customers.

Depend on longer battery lifespans

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries generally last 18-24 hours with a full charge, depending on the battery model. Some manufacturers claim their products provide up to 36 hours of use. The increased reliance on streaming means even shorter battery lifespans than the typical five to seven days, making rechargeable batteries even more appealing.

These longer times give the wearer more confidence they can get through the day without worrying about losing battery power. They simply recharge the batteries at night. It also eliminates the need for hearing aid users to worry about having replacement disposable batteries on hand at all times.

Go green

Rechargeable batteries are a great way for hearing aid wearers to be environmentally friendly. Estimates show that about 1.4 billion disposable hearing aid batteries find their way into landfills every year – and that number is expected to double every nine years with the current growth rate of battery sales.

When you consider the amount of disposable batteries and their packaging thrown out each year, we’re talking about more than three million pounds of garbage each year. Rechargeable batteries drastically reduce the amount of trash going into our landfills.

Different ways to recharge

Widex and Oticon both utilize ZPower silver-zinc rechargeable microbattery technology. These mercury-free batteries provide enough power to get you through the day and can be recharged hundreds of times without losing significant energy.

The Widex BEYOND Z and Oticon Opn rechargeable hearing aids get placed in the ZPower charger at night and you wake up with a full day of listening power. The brands’ hearing devices can be converted into rechargeable units by getting a ZPower battery door installed.

Phonak’s rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can provide 24 hours of charge with one charge. The company offers a full line of hearing aids with rechargeable battery technology.

We also offer Signia’s Pure Charge&Go Nx, a high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid that comes equipped with its own wireless charging system.

At Universal Hearing in Tarzana, California, we proudly offer rechargeable hearing aids and batteries. For more information, call us at 818-345-3200.