Image of audiology patients on vacation.Vacationing can be full of unexpected complications for anyone. Vacationing with hearing loss can be even more uncertain.

Accommodations for the hearing impaired can vary widely depending on the location. Still, there are a number of tips to follow that can make your experience more enjoyable.


  • Sign up for flight change alerts on text or email.
  • Notify the flight crew of your needs and ask for notification on any travel changes.
  • Airport scanners do not require hearing aids and cochlear implants to be removed.

Trains (and buses)

  • Ask a nearby seatmate to notify you when your stop comes up.


  • Passengers can use an FM system, delivering the conversation to your ears.
  • Use a Bluetooth phone system for hands-free calls.

Walt Disney World

It’s a nice surprise when vacation destinations make a point to be accessible to those with hearing loss. It turns out that the “happiest place on Earth” is also one of the most accommodating.

Many guests are surprised to find out that Mickey and other characters are fluent in sign language. Disney resorts offer a number of services to make deaf or hard-of-hearing guests more comfortable during their stays:

  • Guest room amenities include phone amplifiers, bed shaker notification, strobe light smoke detector and a Text Typewriter telephone
  • Assistive listening is featured on Disney’s handheld devices. The devices amplify sound via headphones or with an induction loop at certain attractions.
  • Handheld captioning shows on-screen text on handheld devices at select locations.
  • Video captioning is featured on monitors in pre-show and exhibit areas.
  • Sign language interpretation is offered at select live shows on a rotating basis.

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