grandma granddaughter talkingThere are many reasons why a person avoids having their hearing tested.  They believe that it is a sign of getting old, or a sign of being impaired.  It happened so slowly, they may not even notice the problem. 

The family and friends of those experiencing hearing loss will often notice the issue long before the patient is willing to admit it.  So how do you start the conversation? 




Where to Have the Conversation

Find a casual setting, family dinner, over a game of cards, after watching their favorite show.  Share what it’s like when you interact with them, and how the hearing issues affect regular interactions.  Use real-life examples and possibilities – phone calls, restaurant interactions, how loud they keep their TV or radio.  Explain that it’s an issue that can grow into a problem, but can be remedied.

 Explain the Importance of Hearing Well

The reasons that people will avoid hearing screenings are often understandable, but the necessity of being able to hear in your daily activities is more important.  Ignoring the hearing loss in the short term can lead to a more severe loss long term.  Hearing well is important to remaining in of the conversation. You don’t want to become isolated. Hearing well is also important for your safety

 Get Checked Together

A hearing screening should be a part of everyone’s wellness evaluations.  Just as regularly seeing your primary care doctor for annual physicals, the dentist for cleanings, and the optometrist for your vision, you should see a hearing specialist by the age of 50, if for no reason than a baseline assessment.  If your loved one doesn’t see the issue, make appointments together, for both of your wellbeings.  To schedule an appointment with an audiologist at Universal Hearing Care in Tarzana, CA, send us a message or call us at  818.345.3200.