Image of hearing aid in patient's hands.The internet has made it easy to buy virtually anything online; but just because an item is available online, it doesn’t mean that’s how you should buy it. This is especially true with hearing aids.

Online hearing aids may be less expensive but they also may just be amplifying sound. Unlike getting hearing aids in an audiologist’s office, they are not adjusted to address your specific type of hearing loss.

In addition, a one-on-one explanation of the use and care of the hearing aids is always a better option. And what happens when you do need help, you may have to find a specialist and pay for your services.


Audiologists are trained professionals concerned with the patients hearing and successful outcome with hearing aids. Check out this video posted by a dentist who bought veneers online.    

If you need hearing aids, it’s important to visit an audiologist – like the ones at Universal Hearing. They can examine your hearing health and prescribe the best type of hearing aid for your situation. They can even suggest which brands and styles will enhance your hearing the most.

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