basketballMarch Madness is a great time for sports fans to cheer on their favorite college basketball teams by watching some exciting games for hours at a time. Enjoying numerous games in a noisy and cheerful environment while you root on your favorite teams is a highlight for many college basketball fans.

Unfortunately, all this cheering can result in hearing reduction.

Experts say contact with noise levels of 80-90 decibels for eight consecutive hours can result in serious damage in the inner hearing. Exciting plays can lead to noise levels this high or even louder as fans cheer on their teams.

While most games don’t last eight hours, there is still a chance for short-term hearing loss. In the event that you watch multiple games in a row (as many supporters do during March Madness), this is when long term damage will start.

Protecting your ears if you are subjected to these noise levels is paramount to keeping your hearing in its best shape. Wearing earplugs is the easiest way to protect your hearing. These will help reduce the noise level by 20 -30 decibels. This will reduce the chance of your hearing being damaged, as long as you keep the hearing plugs in throughout the entire game.

Sports supporters who attend events regularly should have a hearing checked regularly. This will let you know if you are experiencing hearing problems at the first indicators of symptoms being present.

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