Benefits of Hearing Aids 1 sized

About 20% of the U.S. population, approximately 48 million Americans, experience hearing changes significant enough to impact their physical and mental health.

But for people with hearing loss who choose the effective and appropriate treatment option of hearing aids, there’s good news. These tiny marvels of technology have been shown to improve balance, alertness, and help support an active social and physical lifestyle. Here’s the start of a growing list of what hearing aids might do for you:

  • Increase in Income — People are better able to communicate with hearing aids, thereby appearing to be more reliable, aware, and in control. An increase in ability to hear can have a positive impact on job performance.
  • Reduce Discrimination — People who have hearing loss can miscommunicate and often face assumptions about their intelligence or cognition. Hearing aids provide a more level playing field and reduce discrimination for people with hearing loss.
  • Reduce Depression — Self-isolation is a common response to hearing loss, which can lead to depression. Hearing aids reduce the tendency for self-isolation and, therefore, the depression often associated with it.
  • Reduce Anxiety in Social Situations — People with hearing loss often become anxious about socializing. Hearing aids can make social interactions enjoyable again, eliminating the stress and anxiety that hearing loss causes in these situations.
  • Reduce Paranoia — Poor hearing can result in common misconceptions about safety and the feeling of being dismissed. Hearing aids restore awareness, in real time, and help reduce false assumptions by both the wearer and those around him or her.
  • Increase Self-Esteem — Studies show that self-esteem increases with hearing aid use. This increase can be caused by an increase in self-expression.
  • Increase Overall Health — Use of hearing aids has been shown to reduce cognitive and mental decline. These factors have a positive and lasting effect on brain activity and contribute to overall well-being.
  • Increase Communication — Hearing aids can restore a diminished ability for both self-expression and actively communicating with others.

All of the negative symptoms of hearing loss can be positively and dramatically impacted by today’s advanced hearing technologies. Surprised? You’re not alone. A large number of family physicians, as well as most consumers, remain unaware of the advances in technology and stunning benefits of hearing aids.

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