Oticon has introduced its newest, most innovative hearing aid – the Oticon Opn. This device is a “BrainHearing” solution that actually makes listening easier on the brain. The Opn hearing aid “opens” up a whole new direction in hearing technology. Universal Hearing Care proudly offers this exciting new device to our clients in the San Fernando Valley area. Contact us today or call 818.345.3200 to schedule a consultation with one of the audiologists at our Tarzana office.

4 Reasons Opn is a Life-Changing Hearing Aid

1. Work Less, Hear More
With the BrainHearing solution, the Opn hearing aid reduces listening effort, delivers greater speech understanding, and improves active participation in social situations. Preliminary tests show that Opn wearers use 20% less listening effort, have 30% better speech understanding, and enjoy 20% more accurate memory for things they hear.

2. The Velox Difference
Oticon’s new Velox platform makes hearing aid history. Instead of directionality-driven technology, Velox uses a brain-centered approach. Opn is the first hearing aid that enables wearers to decide what noises they pay attention to. By contrast, hearing aids that use directionality are often disorienting – it’s hard for wearers to achieve and maintain spatial orientation.

The Velox platform ensures that sounds maintain their rich quality. It is designed so that wearers hear all the sounds in their environment without narrowing the main point of focus. Since the brain naturally focuses on important sounds and other stimuli, the Opn hearing aid lets the brain take control.

3. Leader in Internet Connectivity
The Oticon Opn is the first hearing aid to connect directly to the Internet. The device can wirelessly connect to your TV, smartphone, and car audio system, as well as household electronics like kitchen appliances and the doorbell.

This advanced connectivity provides stress-free living for Opn hearing aid wearers. You’ll receive notifications delivered right to your ear, so you never need to wonder if you left the stove or on miss the deliveryman at the door.

4. Stay ON
The Oticon ON app for a smartphone or other smart device lets wearers adjust volume, check the battery level, and switch programs. It offers counseling advice, the “find my hearing aid” search, and user instructions.

Let the audiologists at Universal Hearing Care in Tarzana help you decide if the Oticon Opn hearing aid is right for you! Call us at 818-578-4562 and schedule a consultation today.