A song, a laugh, or ocean waves, they all can be beautiful sounds to our ears. Sometimes we take sounds for granted because we encounter so many throughout our lives. But there will always be one particular sound that will stand out as our favorite.
Unitron, a leading global designer and manufacturer of hearing devices created a worldwide conversation with one simple question, “What’s your favorite sound?”


It could be the sound of your favorite kind of music, hearing the rhythm and following along to the beat, your body moving along to the music.
Or hearing your children or grandchildren laughing and playing, reminding you of a simpler time where your imagination ran wild and possibilities were endless.

Even the sound of the ocean, the waves crashing into one another, feeling a sense of peace with nature.
Maybe the shuffling of a deck of cards, playing a competitive game of poker with your best friends, having conversation and laughing about the good ole days.
Your pet can emit your favorite sound, even if it is their snoring. It’s a quirk you love about them and wouldn’t change it for the world. The true meaning of unconditional love.

Hearing loss happens gradually and for many aging adults, the opportunity to hear their favorite sound is fading. That’s why it’s so important to manage your hearing health and be proactive when your hearing starts to decline.
Our healthcare team is committed to bringing these sounds back into your life and keeping them there. Celebrate your favorite sounds, and it will remind you just how much hearing matters.

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