Hearing loss can be sneaky. It can take years to become bad enough for you to notice on your own, and once you do, you may ignore it because, after all, “it’s not that bad”. Right? Wrong.

Untreated hearing loss is linked to dementia and increased risk of falls, and it even has the ability to compromise your career.
How can you tell if you need to get your hearing tested? We have 10 important warning signs for you.

1.    Your ears are ringing.
2.    You’ve had an ear infection or wax buildup.
3.    You’ve been dizzy.
4.    You keep turning up the volume.
5.    You have trouble pinpointing the location of noises.
6.    You can’t keep up with conversations in noisy places.
7.    Hearing women or children is especially difficult.
8.    Following conversations with others is difficult.
9.    Asking people to repeat themselves is normal.
10.  Your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, grocery store workers…anyone for that matter has told you to have your hearing checked.

If you find that you relate with any of the warning signs, contact the staff at Universal Hearing Center to schedule an appointment with an audiologist.  Call us at  818.345.3200