A question we tend to hear is “Do I really need two hearing aids?”

Because hearing aids can be a costly expense, patients want to save money by cutting the price in half and only purchasing one device. But think about it this way - if your vision in one eye is worse than the other, do you only get glasses for the bad eye?  It’s the same for your ears. Your brain uses both ears to carry out essential tasks such as:


  • Deciphering sound from background noise
  • Pinpointing the location of sound
  • Optimizing speech clarity
  • Reducing Tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears”
  • Preventing auditory deprivation

When you only treat the hearing loss in one ear, you’re forcing your brain to work harder to keep up. Studies have shown that excess brain fatigue is directly related to the development of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Are you sitting on the fence about purchasing two hearing aids? Give them a try before you buy. Contact Universal Hearing Care in Tarzana, CA, at  818.345.3200, and ask about our hearing aid trial periods.