Untreated hearing loss is exhausting. Reading lips, paying extra close attention to the people speaking to you, straining to stay with a group conversation. The extra concentration required to process this information can wear you down.

Your brain needs a rest. Rather than causing additional mental fatigue from straining to hear all day, we suggest trying out the tips below. 


  • Have frequent eye breaks. Refocus your eyes by looking at a different object
  • Determine how much time you need to take a break in every day and try and stick to it
  • Take withdrawal breaks during the day – a walk at lunch time, reading on the bus on the way home
  • Limit interruptions – turn off your mobile telephone
  • Plan a regular lunch date with a friend
  • Schedule alone time every day

Luckily, Oticon’s newest BrainHearing feature was specifically designed to modify signals the user doesn’t hear well, so speech characteristics are captured and preserved. This process reduces auditory fatigue and keeps the neural pathways engaged so the brain doesn’t need to relearn how to hear.

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