Image of audiologist performing hearing evaluation.Once hearing loss is first noticed, people wait an average of seven years to address it with an audiologist.

Denial, embarrassment or the belief that the hearing loss is normal are common reasons to avoid getting a hearing evaluation. Universal Hearing Care wants to remind you of the many benefits that practicing preventative hearing care can have on your listening experiences moving forward.

Identify other hearing issues: An audiologist can identify the source of your hearing loss or condition, whether it be tinnitus (ringing in the ears), an earache, wax buildup or an ear infection.

Improves Mental State: Hearing loss has been associated with a poorer quality of life, increased risk of depression and loneliness. An audiologist can address your hearing loss so you stay engaged with friends and families, rather than withdrawing from your social circle.

Prevent Further Hearing Loss: Hearing loss can weaken parts of your brain, switching it to focus on other tasks instead. As such, hearing problems will likely worsen over time without treatment. An audiologist can start treatment or offer hearing aid solutions that could reduce future damage.

Earwax removal best left to the professionals: People suffering from clogged ears due to earwax buildup may not practice the safest, most effective way to remove the matter. Negative outcomes include the wax getting pushed in deeper, the skin in the middle ear gets damaged or you could even pop the eardrum or damage the inner ear. Let an audiologist oversee this common but potentially risky condition.

Detection of blood flow problems: Serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol or other buildups in your arteries could cause hearing loss. Becoming aware of this sooner rather than later can improve your overall health outlook.

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