Image of Woman driving with hearing aids.Although driving with hearing loss can pose challenges, there are a number of techniques you can utilize to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and other motorists.

Individuals who suspect they may have hearing loss should schedule a hearing evaluation with an audiologist as a form of preventative hearing care. Universal Hearing Care in Tarzana, California offers the following tips for driving better with hearing loss:

Image of audiologist performing hearing evaluation.Once hearing loss is first noticed, people wait an average of seven years to address it with an audiologist.

Denial, embarrassment or the belief that the hearing loss is normal are common reasons to avoid getting a hearing evaluation. Universal Hearing Care wants to remind you of the many benefits that practicing preventative hearing care can have on your listening experiences moving forward.

Identify other hearing issues: An audiologist can identify the source of your hearing loss or condition, whether it be tinnitus (ringing in the ears), an earache, wax buildup or an ear infection.

Improves Mental State: Hearing loss has been associated with a poorer quality of life, increased risk of depression and loneliness. An audiologist can address your hearing loss so you stay engaged with friends and families, rather than withdrawing from your social circle.

Image of a man wearing hearing aid with smartphoneIn case you haven’t noticed, today’s hearing aids are not your grandfather’s – or even your father’s – hearing aids.

Modern hearing aids have embraced technology like seemingly every other device, becoming smaller, smarter, greener and better. Consider these ways the listening devices are making life more enjoyable and easier for those of us with hearing loss.

Image of audiology patients on vacation.Vacationing can be full of unexpected complications for anyone. Vacationing with hearing loss can be even more uncertain.

Accommodations for the hearing impaired can vary widely depending on the location. Still, there are a number of tips to follow that can make your experience more enjoyable.

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Diagram of brain and the effects of hearing loss.Join Universal Hearing Care's Lisa Goldstein and Judy Hodosh with special guest Dr. Gary Dorf, March 29, 1:30-3 pm at the Tarzana Community & Cultural Center, 19130 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana California.

Learn how your brain makes sense of sound, how hearing affects your brain, and how to connect with the sounds around you.

Image of audiology patient suffering from tinnitus.Tinnitus is a common occurrence, affecting over 50 million people.  The symptoms and severity can vary person to person, as well as the triggers. 

Your diet can affect your tinnitus symptoms; here are some food triggers to be aware of.

Trans and Saturated Fats

Eating a diet high in trans-fats and saturated fats have been linked to heightened tinnitus symptoms.  The consumptions of these fats contribute to cholesterol issues, as well as reducing blood flow.  The reduced blood flow can restrict the function of the ears.