Thank you for coming,

Universal Hearing Care is a team of caring and empathetic professionals devoted to helping you improve your hearing. Each person that walks through our door is different and we take pride in being good listeners. We know it isn’t easy to make the decision to seek help for your hearing, but we also know that it is a good decision.

Some people resist getting help with their hearing because they think that hearing aids will make them appear old. We strongly believe the complete opposite; hearing better keeps you young and vibrant, happy and engaging, social, and “in the know”. It is when we become isolated and can’t participate in the conversations around us that we appear old.
“We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing”

Some people resist getting help because they think hearing aids are too expensive. Yes, hearing aids are an investment but what price can you put on better hearing, to be able to communicate, listen to beautiful music, enjoy being with your family and even more, have them enjoy being with you? Is there a acceptable price for these things?

When Helen Keller was asked which is more difficult not being able to see or not being able to hear she said “seeing connects us to things, hearing connects us to people.

My team is trustworthy, with experience and compassion. We sincerely are here to help and we enjoy the opportunity to do so every day. We are a family and love to include our patients. Let us help you hear better,

Let us help you keep playing.


Lisa Goldstein